Having been a coin dealer for over 25 years means that you see a few things over time. The Saint Gaudens $20.00 gold coins pictured here had been buried in the ground. They were sold to us be a little old lady in Arizona. They were so encrusted with dirt that it took some time to clean them up for re-sale. We see coins and coin collections that have been buried every 2-3 years. The difference here was that this was the first time we encountered certified coins that had been buried.

I enjoyed talking to Jim while concluding my only investment with silver dollars!  I have entered your information into my collection of local suppliers and will pass your name on to appropriate clients.  Thanks for your help.


Ron R.
Boulder, CO

Lee Block is hard working, fair, and a very knowledgeable numismatist.  I realize that I did not get the value that I wanted, however, you are buying wholesale and I understand how it works.  Considering these facts, I think it was OK – but Lee is a super guy and I would deal with him again – and hope to.

Ron W.
Boynton Beach, FL