How To Find The Best Rare Coin Dealer

5 steps to help you determine the right rare coin dealer to sell to

  1. Having your rare coins appraised for sale should generally be free, and put you under no obligation to sell. If you have no intention on selling your rare coins and require an appraisal for insurance or estate purposes, then you can expect to pay a fee.
  2. The rare coin appraiser must be reputable, with solid experience in the purchase and sale of the type of rare coins and currency you have. Numismatics and notaphily are not simple subjects. Add money to that mix and you need a rare coin expert to accurately determine the grades and values of your rare coins.
  3. Find a rare coin dealer whose appraisal value of your rare coins is also their immediate cash offer to buy the collection. An appraisal that is not backed up with a solid offer to buy the coins is worthless.
  4. If you will need the coin appraisal to stand up to the scrutiny of an insurance company or a court of law, make sure your coins are appraised by a full-fledged, experienced rare coin dealer who makes a living buying and selling rare coins on a regular basis. That qualifies him as an expert in the field of numismatics, and qualified to render opinion as to coin grade and value.
  5. If you have a large coin collection, you may need the appraisal to be done at your home, office, bank, or other location – be sure the coin appraiser can come to you.