Best Way to Sell Old Coins

What’s the best way to sell old coins? We’re committed to giving you a fair price on your rare old coin collection.

What’s the best way to sell old coins? Look no further than American Rarities Numismatic Company. We’re committed to giving you a fair price on your rare old coin collection. We have a number of advantages compared to other sources you could turn to sell old coins.

Why you should sell to us

First, there aren’t very many physical coin stores around anymore. The mom and pop coin shops of old are a mostly a thing of the past. You may have to lug your valuable coin collection all the way across town and beyond just to find one coin shop owner, who may or may not appreciate the true value of your collection. This is not the best way to sell old coins.

You could also go online, but that has its own problems. For example, ebay and GreatCollections charge outrageous auction fees (usually from 13% to 22% of sale price). You may also have to pay for shipping and insurance. You will also probably have to sell each coin individually, which is neither efficient to your pocket nor is it convenient. Not to mention the fact that you’re dealing with random people online, who knows what could happen?

The best way to sell old coins is with American Rarities Coin Company. With us, you pay no fees for appraisal, shipping, or insurance. And unlike anonymous online coin buyers, we’re actually a known entity: American Rarities has been in business for over 3 decades. We are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ BBB rating.

We understand the numismatic market intimately, and we’ll offer to buy your entire collection at once. What’s more, if circumstances allow, we’ll even send our coin buyer to your home, office, or bank, to physically appraise it, and buy it, free of charge.

How to get your hassle free appraisal and offer to purchase

  • Simply provide us with an inventory list and, or pictures of your rare old coins.
  • We will acknowledge receiving your information and have one of our professional coin buyers appraise your coins and make an initial offer to purchase.
  • If you decide you are interested in selling to us, we will either have our buyer come to you, or you can use our handy fully insured Mail-In Service.
  • Upon our receipt of your material payment is immediately made via company check, ACH, or wire. It’s your choice.

Best of all, if you sell with us, you’ll know that your received the highest amount possible for your rare coins. No wonder American Rarities is the best way to sell old coins.

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