Sell PCGS Coins, NGC Coins and ANACS Coins

Our rare coin dealers buy and sell certified US and foreign rare coins from all the major coin grading services, namely PCGS, NGC and ANACS. We also buy graded coins certified by off-brand grading companies. Whatever the grading service, whatever the type of coin, we have the numismatic expertise to make you a fair market offer to purchase your certified rare coin collection. American Rarities Rare Coin Company is a PCGS dealer and NGC dealer, as well as an ANACS submission center. We have been in business as long as NGC and PCGS have existed, and our rare coin buyers have the numismatic coin experience that you are looking for.

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How We Price Certified Coins

We price certified coins using all available sources of information, including the Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter, also known as the Blue Sheet. We are also members of the Certified Coin Exchange, CCE, which is the numismatic rare coin dealer network through which the Blue sheets are generated. Other resources include auction prices realized on NGC coins and PCGS coins, and current market selling prices.

Selling Your Certified Coin Collection

It is easy to get a free, immediate, accurate appraisal and offer on your graded coins. Simply send us an inventory list with some basic information about your collection (coin types, dates, grades, and grading service). One of our expert coin buyers will price your coins and recommend the best way to arrange for the physical purchase of your coin collection.

Lower Tier Coin Grading Services

Do you have graded coins certified by an off-brand grading service other than PCGS, NGC or ANACS? We can help you determine their true numismatic value and make you a legitimate offer to buy them. Our coin buyers are expert rare coin graders as well. They buy and sell all types of rare coins on a daily basis, which gives them the experience to accurately evaluate and price your collection.

PCGS, NGC and ANACS: The Gold Standard of Coin Grading & Authentication

There are countless grading services out there, however, PCGS coin grading, NGC coin grading and ANACS coin grading are regarded as the “gold standard” for rare coin authentication and coin grading.

The bottom line is that the “big three” certification services grade coins to more exacting standards than other coin grading services. They account for factors such as cleaning, environmental damage and intentional alterations to the coin. These additional criteria are things that should not be discounted, and must be calculated into the equation in determining the true value of a rare coin.

P C G S, N G C, and Anacs are the gold standard of coin grading.
PCGS vs NGC vs Anacs Coin Grading

Our dealers are expert coin graders, and can accurately value coins certified by third-party companies. This guarantees you get a confident, top-dollar offer on your coins. When you Google “anacs coin values”, “pcgs coins values”, or “ngc coin values”, you want to find a certified rare coin dealer like us.

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