U.S. and Foreign Mint Sets, Proof Sets,
and Commemorative Coins Information

The United States as well as countries around the world produce coin sets specifically for the coin collectors. These sets run the gamut of copies of currently circulating coins called Uncirculated Mint Sets, specially struck proof coins with exceptional strike and finish called Uncirculated Proof Coin Sets, to commemorative coins and sets to memorialize events or causes, and even coins that are more bullion oriented.

The various types of mint coin sets are a staple of coin collector hobbyists ever since they have been produced or struck. Traditionally they have been an easy and relatively inexpensive way to collect. Unless damaged in some way like from improper storage, the condition or grades of the coins are usually within an acceptable range for most collectors. Since the coins are readily identified and generally in their own holder it is an easy matter to find a set that has not been mishandled and check the set off of your want list.

Types of U.S. and Foreign Coin Sets

Following is a list of major United States coin sets. Foreign mints produce similar sets, albeit with different names.

  • U.S. Uncirculated Mint Sets
  • U.S. Proof Sets
  • Prestige Proof Sets
  • Silver Proof Sets
  • Special Mint Sets
  • Souvenir Sets
  • Modern Commemorative Sets
  • Olympic Commemorative Sets
  • Certified Commemorative Sets
  • World Mint Sets
  • Foreign Proof Sets

Many modern US Mint commemorative coins are certified by rare coin grading services like PCGSNGC, and ANACS. These coins are often found in the high grades of MS-69 and MS-70, or PF-69 and PF-70. In some cases, these coins command a strong premium due to their high quality and low population. We have a strong market for these coins among our coin collector clientele, and are enthusiastic buyers. We even pay a premium for certified coins that still have their original mint packaging included.

Certified Uncirculated Mint Sets and Uncirculated Proof Sets

Less common is to find or have these types of sets certified and graded by one of the major coin grading services. The reasons collectors may opt to spend the extra money buying graded coins or having them graded themselves usually revolves around the coin(s) being a variety or being in an exceptional quality.

Variety Coins and Mint Error Coins

There are more than a few U.S. Mint coin sets that have varieties. These coins are subtly different from the norm and can increase a coin’s value as the population can be low and subsequent rarity high. It can be tough for even seasoned coin collectors to tell the difference.

Coin Mints

Mints used for the manufacture of coins have been around since the inception of coins around 600 BC by the Greeks. Coin Mints have been established by most but not all governments. In some cases a country will contract with another counties mint to strike their coins. The United States has and continues to produce coins for many countries. Here is a list of Major Foreign Government Mints around the world. In addition to sanctioned government mints there are also private mints. In some cases a private mint may produce coins for a country. Coins and medals struck by a private mint not sanctioned by an official government generally do not have the same collectibility as official coins.

What Is My U.S. or Foreign Coin Set worth?

To cut to the chase and easily find out your coin set’s value or commemorative coin’s value go to our Free Appraisal and Purchasing web page. Generally it is as easy as submitting an inventory list for a quick appraisal and offer to purchase

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