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Whether you are a silver coin seller, or a silver coin buyer, American Rarities’ philosophy of razor-thin margins allows us to be the strongest silver coin buyer and seller of all varieties of Pre-1965 90 percent silver coins and 40 percent silver coins. These U.S. silver coins are often called junk silver coins, as they have little extra silver coin collector value and are actually of lower purity than modern bullion coins. If you are interested in buying or selling any other types of bullion material, please visit our Gold and Silver Bullion page.

Junk Silver Coin Pricing

Pricing for 90% silver coins and 40% silver coins is based on current silver spot price.  If you have junk silver coins to sell, our professional and reputable silver coin buyers are interested in purchasing junk silver dimes, junk silver quarters, and junk silver half dollars of all types, in any quantity. Whether you want to sell junk silver coins or buy junk silver coins, just provide us with some specifics and our silver coin buyer specialist will contact you with an to-the-minute offer.

To find out junk silver coin prices simply provide us with the face value and denominations you have. Our friendly, professional silver coin buyer will provide you with an immediate hassle free, no obligation offer to buy. Simply put we buy junk silver.

Junk Silver Coins We Buy and Sell

These are common date coins in average circulated condition. To take a deeper dive into the intricacies of 90 percent and 40 percent silver coinage visit our U.S. Silver Coin Information page.

90% Silver Dimes

Typically included in accumulations of junk silver dimes are Barber Silver Dime, Mercury Silver Dime, and Roosevelt Silver Dime (Pre-1965)

90% Silver Quarters

Typically included in junk silver quarter accumulations are Barber Silver Quarter, Standing Liberty Silver Quarter, and Washington Silver Quarter (Pre-1965).

90% Silver Half Dollar

Typically included in junk silver half dollar accumulations are Barber Silver Half Dollar, Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar, Franklin Silver Half Dollar, 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar.

40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

Applies to 1965 to 1970 Kennedy Silver half dollars only. These are the only coins ever struck in 40 percent silver.

35% WarTime Jefferson Nickels

Applies to 1942 – 1945 dates with an oversized mint mark. These coins were produced containing 35% silver as copper was in short supply due to the war effort. One of the few times in history where figuratively copper was worth more than silver.

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If you are a silver coin seller, then we are a silver coin buyer. Conversely if you are a silver coin buyer, then we are a silver coin seller. Email, text, or call us with your junk silver coin inventory list or want list. Whether you are selling silver coins or buying 90% silver coins and 40% silver coins our prices are the most competitive on the market.

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