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Nothing sets the mouth of a dyed in the wool coin collector watering like United States pattern coins. On the average pattern coins, experimental coins, and trial coins are amongst the rarest of all United States coinage. Our seasoned veteran coin collectors are clamoring for your pattern coins. If you are interested in selling, simply provide us with your inventory list or pictures to begin our Free Appraisal and offer process.

More than 2,000 types of pattern coins have been made from 1792 through present day. However, the number of each type is exceedingly small. Pattern coins were never intended for release into circulation, so few of these test pieces are ever  produced. A pattern coin is an experimental piece which either illustrates a proposed coinage design, or which embodies a proposed innovation of composition, size, or shape.

Pattern test coins have been produced for every denomination used today. What many folks do not know is that there have been proposed denominations that had not been adopted. Notable amongst those are the Four Dollar Stella, $50.00 Half Union, and $100.00 Union.

The practice of producing pattern coins for demonstration continues to this day, but mint produced patterns rarely leave the mint, when they do, they may be subject to confiscation. It is important to note that not all pattern coinage was or is produced by the U.S. Mint. Many were produced by private entities promoting artistic talents and technological capabilities.

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How We Price U.S. Pattern Coins

Our seasoned coin Buyers have hundreds of years combined experience in the purchase and sale of this very esoteric area of numismatics. We utilize all relevant information to determine proper United States pattern coin values.The Coin Dealer Newsletter, Auction sales, as well as recent show sales are prominent in this.

United States Pattern Coin Facts

Major Categories of Pattern Coins

Pattern coins - struck to test a design.
Experimental pieces - struck to test aspects of planchet, shape, thickness, and composition.
Regular-dies trial pieces - struck on regular dies, but in a metal other than that used for regular issues.

Metal and Alloy Composition

Can vary greatly and is dependent on the intended goals of the proposed coin type. These are some, but not all of the different materials used to strike pattern coins.

Aluminum bronze
German silver
Goloid alloy
Goloid metric alloy
White metal

Business Strike and Proof Strike

The world is open to collectors in that United States Pattern coins, United States Experimental Coins, and United States Trial Coins are produced with both Business Strike and Proof strike.

Coin Turn and Medal Alignment

United States Pattern coins, United States Experimental Coins, and United States Trial Coins can be found with Coin-Turn Alignment - obverse and reverse are aligned in opposite directions 180 degrees apart, and a Medal-Turn Alignment - obverse and reverse are aligned in the same direction.

Grading Scale

Luckily the standard Sheldon Numerical Grading Scale of 1 to 70 applies to United States Pattern coins, United States Experimental Coins, and United States Trial Coins produced directly by the U.S. Mint or private entities.

Pattern Coinage Rarity Scale

R1: 1250+
R2: 501-1250
R3: 201-500
R4: 76-200
R5: 31-75
R6 High: 13-20
R6 Low: 21-30
R7: 7-12
R8: 2-3
R9: Unique

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