Foreign and U.S. Rare Coin Values

We Have Helped Coin Collectors Price Their Rare Coins for Over 25 Years

Figuring out a coin collection’s value can be a daunting task for a coin collector. It can be even more difficult for someone less familiar with coins looking to sell their rare coin collection for a fair market value. Our expert coin dealers are constantly studying the market, ensuring we can provide coin sellers with accurate rare coin values for their material. Countless times, we have found valuable coins tucked into the most mundane of coin collections!

Let a Professional Coin Dealer Tell You What Your Rare Coins are Worth

Our rare coin buyers can provide you with a free appraisal of your rare coin collection. Our coin buyers price foreign and US coins and paper money of all types on a daily basis, and can tell you how valuable your coins truly are. We can quickly find any extra “collector value” your rare coins may have. It’s as easy as emailing us pictures or an inventory list of your coin collection.

You can provide us information about your coins in whatever manner is easiest for you. We recommend sending us an inventory list and/or pictures of your collection. A partial list or photos of a few specific coins work as well a starting point. From here, our buyers can begin the process of providing you with coin values for your collection.

Concentrate your efforts on the coins that you think have the most value, as well as the oldest coins you have. If you have a large number of one type of coin, you can send us a single picture with a few example coins of that type. Many times, we can quickly provide coin values for common categories we may see in your collection, while at the same time singling out any rarer, more valuable coins.

Always Paying More For Your Collection!

Send Us Your Pictures or Inventory List

Send us a copy of your inventory list, and our buyers will price your material and tell you the value of your coin collection. The appraisal is free, and there is never an obligation to sell!

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How to Photograph Your Rare Coins

In order to give you an accurate value of your coins, we need to be able to see them in some detail. Here are some tips to getting good-quality pictures of your coins:

  • Photograph your coins in a well-lit room – do NOT use a flash!
  • Take photos of the coins with your camera lens flat to the coin(s), not at an angle
  • Try to get close, but not too close – the picture needs to be in focus
  • Keep the camera steady! A blurry photo can hide the details we need to see to provide you with accurate coin values

How to Email Your Rare Coin Photos

There are two easy ways to get your photos to one of our coin dealers. If you are using a smartphone, just find the pictures in your Gallery or Photos library, then share them via email. If you are using a digital camera, transfer the pictures to your computer, then attach them to your email.

You can send your pictures to us at Once we receive your list or pictures, a rare coin buyer will price your coins and contact you with a free appraisal and current, at-the-market coin values on your collection. We can also make you an offer to buy your coins if you are interested in selling.

Selling your Rare Coin Collection

Once you understand the true value of your coin collection, you will be in a position to decide whether or not to sell your rare coins. Our coin dealers offer expert, professional and confidential assistance when you’re ready to sell. We are interested in everything from common bullion to the most rare and valuable coins, and are willing to pay top dollar for them.

If you are ready to sell your rare coin collection, or have questions that need answers, then assistance is just a click or phone call away. To send us an email, simply fill out the form above to tell us a little about what you have. You can also reach us, toll free, at 1-800-622-5680.

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