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American Rarities takes pride in our ability to fill even the most demanding coin want lists. Whether you are looking to fill a Lincoln Memorial Cent album or complete a U.S. Gold collection by date, American Rarities can find the coins for you. Our regular attendance at all major U.S. coin shows assures you the widest assortment of items available at “right-at-the-market” prices.

Let the rare coin professionals do the work for you.

American Rarities’ team of professionals attend major numismatic coin convention and most regional coin shows. If you’re committed to adding quality rare coins to your collection, then we can be of assistance. Making a coin Want List will help you achieve the coin collection you want – just let us know what you are looking for and we will locate it for you.

Want to know more about the rare coin market?

Do you have questions that you haven’t been able to get answered? Then feel free to contact one of our coin dealers directly via below – they have their fingers on the pulse of the coin market. You will find them extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

What numismatic rare coins are you looking for?

Many of our client collectors tell us that one of our most valuable service is securing the coins they want,plus a coin want list is a great way to visualize what you’ll need to round out your coin collection. By using our Want List Service clients can save time and money in locating all types of rare coins from generic fills to key date items.

Whatever your numismatic requirements, if you tell us which coins you are looking for, we will make it our priority to find precisely those coins. When we do, we’ll call you first.

American Rarities’ Want List Service is free, easy, and the best way to put our more than twenty five years experience and expertise to work for you. And you have no obligation to buy anything ever.

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