Numismatic Services

American Rarities offers a wealth of personalized services to help you regardless of the condition of your rare coins and US paper currency items.

Selling Your Coins

For the amateur coin collector, or for someone who has inherited a rare coin or US paper currency collection, the selling process can be quite overwhelming. American Rarities is a rare coin dealer that will help you realize the maximum price and feel comfortable with the outcome.

For the experienced rare coin collector and investor, you will find our coin buyers informed and up-to-date on the latest pricing for the rarest and most esoteric items you may have collected. More than that, we will show you how we came up with our coin valuation. We appreciate the effort and expense that have gone into your coin collection and will pay you the most that the numismatic coin market allows.

Free Appraisal for Your Coins, Currency, and Collections

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Expert Numismatic Advice

American Rarities has been guiding rare coin collectors through the joys and rewarding experience of rare coin and paper currency collecting and investing for over 25 years. We are experienced coin and currency dealers who can appraise US and foreign rare gold, silver and platinum coins, medals, and bullion-related material. We provide the rare coin help you need to understand the true value of your collectibles.

Rare Coin Grading and Paper Currency Grading

American Rarities will grade your rare coins free of charge in most cases, generally grading coins on par with PCGS and NGC. Our Numismatic Coin Dealers handle rare coins each and every day – we love examining and grading coins! Many of our buyers have attended advanced seminars on coin grading and counterfeit detection. We study rare coins every day. We buy and sell rare coins everyday. We have a familiarity with rare coins and paper currency that few collectors or coin dealers ever get to enjoy.

Coin grading services

Rare Coin and Paper Currency Authentication Service

American Rarities’ dealers are experts at counterfeit coin detection. It can be expensive and time-consuming to send every rare coin you suspect of being a possible counterfeit to a major coin grading service. Our numismatic experts can provide the coin help to quickly render a verdict, or if we’re unsure, we can still send your material in for a second opinion.

Rare Coin and Paper Currency Appraisal Services

When you need to determine the true value of your rare coins and gold or silver bullion items, you can count on American Rarities’ team of professional numismatists to provide an accurate appraisal based on the liquid value of your items – in person or via mail. In most cases what we offer on a rare coin or coin collection is the same value that we would appraise it for. An appraisal is an offer accompanied by a detailed, written evaluation of a coin collection, showing coins in proper groupings with valuation noted. If you would like to have us perform a free appraisal for you, or if you have any questions about our rare coin appraisal service, please feel free to contact us. American Rarities also provides appraisal services for banks, attorneys, insurance companies, fiduciaries, estate planners, etc.

Numismatic and Notaphily Conservation

American Rarities’ Appraisal Services can also include Numismatic and Paper Money Conservation. This is where we can re-holder and re-organize a rare coin collection. Flips and other plastic holders that we use in our hobby have a limited shelf life. A plastic flip only 6 years old can begin to harm the rare coin or paper currency note it was meant to protect. Don’t let PVC damage your rare coins! Many collections we see suffer heavy devaluation due to neglect – don’t let this happen to your valuable coin collection.

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