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We Buy Rare Coins, Gold & Silver Bullion and US Paper Currency

We regularly purchase US coins, foreign coins, paper money and bullion material from private coin collectors across the country. We buy rare coin collections of all types and sizes, and offer free appraisals on all collections our buyers examine for purchase.

Being professional coin dealers, our staff works hard to make the strongest offer possible on every coin collection we evaluate. Unlike other coin dealers, we do not “cherry pick” collections – our coin buyers are interested in the most common and mundane coins, as well as the rarest and most esoteric pieces.

If you’re considering selling your coin collection, bullion or paper currency, or even just want to know what your rare coin values, contact an American Rarities coin buyer today.

We Pay More For Your Rare Coins

Don't sell your U.S. or foreign coin collection for less than it is worth.
Our expert coin buyers are ready to pay you top dollar for your rare coins.

As coin dealers, we are constantly looking to buy from coin collectors to meet our clients’ rare coin needs. To facilitate this, we provide free appraisals for all rare coin collections we inspect for potential purchase. We are interested in all coins with extra collectible or bullion value – US and world, ancient and modern, common or rare. Our expert buyers are ready to view your collection and make you an immediate, no-obligation offer.

Our Buying Process

How We Establish The Value of Rare Coin Collections

The first step of getting an appraisal and offer on your rare coins is to provide us with information about your collection. It’s as easy as emailing or texting us an inventory list (partial lists are fine), or pictures of your coins, or just telling us what you have over the phone. One of our expert coin buyers will follow up with you with any questions we may have or further information we need. He will then establish coin values, using all available resources to ensure an accurate appraisal.

Once the initial appraisal is completed, we can determine the best way to arrange the physical purchase of your coin collection. This is either a personal meeting with one of our rare coin buyers near you, or shipping your coins in to our coin buyer for physical appraisal and sale. In either case, you are guaranteed the highest value possible for your rare coin collection. Our private coin collector clientele want your rare coins. When you Google “coin buyers”, “private coin collectors”, and “rare coin buyers near me”, you will hope to find a company like us.

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Personal Visit

In many cases, we have a rare coin buyer near you. Our buyers regularly travel attending coin shows, as well as appraising and purchasing collections from private coin collectors just like you. The collection does not need to be organized or presented in any particular manner – we will examine every coin, album or set in turn, in whatever order they may be in. Once our coin valuation is complete, we will make you an offer for your coins on the spot. Immediate payment is standard.

Insured Mail-In Service

It is not always possible to visit everyone who has coins to sell. Some coin collections are too small to warrant a visit, or in other cases the travel expense is prohibitive.

To address this issue, American Rarities offers a fully insured mail-in service. You can ship your coins directly to our office, fully insured, and our buyers will appraise your material. Immediate payment is customary, and if you decide not to sell, we will return your collection at our expense.

Free Appraisal for Your U.S. Rare Coins

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