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If you have old gold coins for sale, then we want to buy them. We purchase US gold coins of all types. From $1 gold pieces to $20 St Gaudens, our US gold coin buyers can make you the strongest offer the market allows. Immediate payment is standard. Email or text us your inventory list or coin pictures to begin our Free Appraisal and Offer process.

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Our US gold coin buyers are professional coin dealers who are based around the country. We probably have a gold coin buyer near you. Each year we purchase gold coin collections just like yours. Our coin buyers are experts in Indian gold coins and Liberty Head gold coins of all denominations, gold eagles and gold double eagles, Classic Head gold coins, Saint Gaudens gold double eagles, and more. Even if you are just curious about the value of your old gold coins, contact us to request a free gold coin appraisal today!

How to Sell U.S. Numismatic Gold Coins?

If you have a large US gold coin collection, we will travel to buy it. A personal visit from one of our expert gold coin buyers is neither complicated nor time-consuming. Alternately it is not always possible to visit everyone who has US gold coins for sale. Some collections are too small to warrant a visit. To address this issue, American Rarities offers a fully insured mail-in service. You can ship your coins directly to our office, fully insured. We will provide you with the service you deserve and fair market value for your rare gold coins. This is your best opportunity to get paid the highest price possible for your numismatic gold coins.

American Rarities buys entire gold coin collections wherever possible. It is of no benefit to you to have a rare coin dealer or gold coin collector come in simply to have them “cherry pick” the best items from your US gold coin collection. Whether you have a large or small collection, we will make you an offer on every gold coin you have to show us.

U.S. Gold Coin Mint Marks

Of general interest to us are proof US gold coins, NGC and PCGS certified US gold coins, and branch mint coinage from the Carson City, New Orleans, Dahlonega and Charlotte mints. We are also enthusiastic buyers of all old gold coins, including all of the following gold coin types:

$1.00 Gold Dollars, Type I, II and III 1849-1889
$2.50 Capped Bust Gold Coins 1796-1834
$2.50 Classic Head Quarter Eagles 1834-1839
$2.50 Liberty Head Quarter Eagles 1840-1907
$2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagles 1908-1929
$3.00 Three Dollar Indian Princess 1854-1889
$4.00 Four Dollar Stella 1879-1880
$5.00 Capped Bust and Capped Head Half Eagles 1795-1834
$5.00 Classic Head Half Eagles 1834-1838
$5.00 Liberty Head Half Eagles (Motto and No-Motto) 1839-1908
$5.00 Indian Head Half Eagles 1908-1929
$10.00 Capped Bust Gold Eagles 1795-1804
$10.00 Liberty Head Gold Eagles (Motto and No-Motto) 1838-1907
$10.00 Indian Head Gold Eagles 1907-1933
$20.00 Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles, Types I, III and III 1849-1907
$20.00 St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagles 1907-1933

Esoteric U.S. Gold Coins

We step out of the box by frequently purchasing some of the more esoteric numismatic gold coins such as California fractional gold coins (sometimes known as California small denomination gold), private and territorial gold coins, Bechtler gold coins and US Pattern or Judd Pattern gold coins.

We have a special interest in the history of numismatic gold coinage, and are always looking for collections of private mint or territorial gold coins and medals. We purchase gold coins from Moffat & Co, the United States Assay Office, Moffat-Humbert, Baldwin & Co, Kellogg & Co, and Clark, Gruber & Co, to name a few.

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If you have old gold coins for sale and are looking for the highest prices possible for your numismatic gold coinage, then you need the experience that an American Rarities old gold coin buyer brings to the table. We can confidently and accurately provide gold coin values, and make an offer to buy your gold coin collection for what your coins are really worth. Whether you have raw or certified US gold coins, we can make you a strong offer on your collection. If you want your raw coins certified, we are both an authorized PCGS coin dealer and NGC coin dealer.

We pride ourselves on being the nation’s strongest numismatic buyers of every possible numismatic gold coin you may have. You can count on us making you the best offer the market allows on your US gold coin collection. If you Google “sell gold coin”, “old gold coins for sale”, “U.S. gold numismatic coin values“, or “gold coin buyers near me” you want to find a company like us. We are where to sell old gold coins and no doubt have a gold coin buyer near you.

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