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If you have U.S. Mint proof sets, Uncirculated Mint sets or modern Commemorative coin sets for sale, whether in their original mint packaging or graded and certified by one of the major coin grading services, American Rarities Rare Coin Company wants to buy them! Note that we also purchase foreign mint sets and foreign proof sets from around the world.

Getting a Free Appraisal and offer on your U.S. Mint coins and coin sets is as simple as emailing or texting us an inventory list and/or pictures of your material. Our rare coin buyer will make you a fair market, liquid-value offer on your U.S. Mint coin collection. We are where to sell U.S. mint proof sets.

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Why Sell U.S. Mint Coin Sets to American Rarities?

There are good reasons why you should sell us your U.S. mint coin sets, U.S. Mint proof sets and modern commemorative coin sets. Many coin dealers have no real interest in U.S. Mint sets. They consider them to be bulk items, of little individual value, and rarely do they have the clientele to sell them to. Consequently, they do not make fair offers to purchase these coin sets. We feel that this is a large segment of the coin collector market that is being ignored by other coin dealers. Where to sell U.S. Mint Proof Sets is here.

We like working with modern U.S. mint coin set material. We have many enthusiastic clients who collect these coin sets in their original Mint packaging, as well as certified by the major coin grading companies. We utilize a number of resources to price US Mint coins and coin sets, including the Coin Dealer Newsletter, current market sale prices and auction results, as well as the Certified Coin Exchange for certified examples.

When you Google “value of commemorative coins”, “uncirculated mint coin sets value”, “proof sets values”, “US proof set gold coin values”, “mint coin sets value”, or “mint proof sets value”, you will want to find a reputable rare coin dealer like us.

For a deeper dive into U.S. and foreign mint coin sets checkout our U.S. and Foreign Mint Sets, Proof Sets, and Commemorative Coins Information web page.

American Rarities provides free coin appraisals of all U.S. Mint coin collections we inspect for potential purchase. Find out your proof set values, and mint set values. Get a free, no-hassle offer on your coin collection today, with no obligation to sell. Immediate payment is standard. We are where to sell U.S. Mint Proof Sets.

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