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At American Rarities Rare Coin Company, we pride ourselves on our numismatic experience. We have been nationwide rare coin dealers since 1995, and have spent over $100 million purchasing rare coins and US paper currency collections just like yours. Our coin buyers are experts in numismatics and notaphily, with over a century of combined experience.

American Rarities has been serving the collecting public across the United States for over 25 years. Our rare coin buyers exemplify honesty and integrity, and have the numismatic skills to ensure you have a pleasant experience working with us. Many of our buyers have attended ANA grading and authentication classes, and that knowledge is shared throughout our company. Whether you are buying or selling, you will find our staff up to the challenge.

American Rarities offers free coin appraisals on all collections we view for potential purchase. We also offer a wide range of rare coin services to the collecting public.

Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation appraisal and offer on your rare coin collection.

Numismatic Experience You Can Trust

Whatever your numismatic needs, American Rarities can help. With hundreds of years’ of combined experience, our rare coin buyers are the best in the business for appraising and buying rare coin collections.

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American Rarities Rare Coin Company has purchased in excess of $100 million in rare coins since 1990.

American Rarities offers free coin appraisals. We can even travel to you! Contact us today to arrange an evaluation and offer on your coin collection.

Colonial through US regular issue coins.

Gold dollars through Double Eagles, including territorial & small denomination gold.

All U.S. silver dollars – Flowing Hair and forward. All dates and mint marks.

All U.S. paper money, both certified and raw.

Foreign collectible coins of all countries/denominations.

All collectible gold coins from across the globe.

Coins, medals, bars and ingots in gold, silver or platinum.

“Junk” US silver coins – dimes, quarters and half dollars.

We are PCGS and NGC Certified Dealers.

Coins that are graded, but not by the “big three” listed at left.

We are your rare coin identification experts.