Find Out Your Coin Authenticity, Grade, and if it’s a Valuable Error Coin

Rare Coin Grading, Authentication, Coin Variety Attribution, and Error Coin Identification Service for United States and Foreign Rare Coins

Rare Coin authentication and coin grading can be difficult even for the seasoned coin collector. Once you add in variety coin and error coin possibilities the task is nigh impossible. Submitting a coin to one of the major coin grading services is time consuming and expensive. At American Rarities we have hundreds of years of combined experience in the grading and authentication and attribution of variety and error status of rare coins.

Get immediate expert answers to the four big questions:

  1. Is my coin authentic/real?
  2. What is the grade of my coin?
  3. Is my coin an error or variety?
  4. What is the value of my coin?

There are many copy and fake coins out there. If yours turns out fake we will provide you with the identification information so you will know why. There is no charge if we cannot make a determination of authenticity.

Submit obverse and reverse picture images for FREE grading and authentication!

How To Photograph Your Rare Coins

In order to give you an accurate value of your coins, we need to be able to see then in some detail. Here are some tips to getting good-quality pictures or your coins. Photograph your coins in a well-lit room – do NOT use a flash!

  • Take photos of the coins with your camera lens flat to the coin(s), not at an angle.
  • Try to get close, but not too close – the picture needs to be in focus.
  • Keep the camera steady! A blurry photo can hide the details we need to see to provide you with accurate coin values.

How to Email Your Rare Coin Photos

There are two easy ways to get your photos to one of our coin dealers. If you are using a smartphone, just find the pictures in your Gallery or Photos library, then share them via email. If you are using a digital camera, transfer the pictures to your computer, then attach them to your email. You can send your pictures to us at Once we receive your email, a rare coin dealer will evaluate your coins and contact you with the results. We can also make you an offer to buy your coins if you are interested in selling.

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