Chinese Old Coins Value

If you want to get the best possible offers for your Chinese old coins’ value, you’re in the right place! American Rarities has been dealing with Chinese coins for decades!

While the value of a particular coin depends on multiple factors, we can say that there’s a big demand for Chinese coins of various types! Our clientele can’t get enough of these pieces of ancient history!

If you googled “Chinese old coins value” then read on, because this guide is for you!

Are Old Chinese Coins Valuable?

Chinese coins can be very valuable.

Here are some old Chinese coins that have been sold for thousands of dollars:

If you don’t have any of these coins in your collection, don’t worry – we collect a wide variety of Chinese old coins. The main thing is they need to be rare, in demand, in good condition, and (most of all) authentic!

Always Paying More For Your Chinese Old Coins

We Offer Free Grading and Appraisals!

Old Chinese coins are very commonly counterfeited, so it’s important to have them authenticated and graded. This is hard to do properly without years of experience, so you don’t want to go to just anyone.

We’ve been grading and authenticating coins as a free service for over thirty years so we know what we’re doing! Submit your coins to us and we’ll examine them. We’ll tell you whether or not they’re genuine and grade them on their condition.

After that, we can then appraise them for their liquid market value. As with the authentication and grading, this is also free of charge.

At no point during the authentication, grading, or appraisal do you have any commitment to sell to us, so feel free to use us as a resource if you want!

How Do I Get Started?

If you want to get started, send us some photos of your Chinese old coins via text, email, or the Contact US form! We’ll promptly reach out with an appraisal of your Chinese old coins’ value!

Nobody will beat the prices we pay for your collection! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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