Chinese Rare Coins

Do you have any Chinese rare coins for sale? If so, American Rarities wants to buy them! We’ve been buying foreign rare coins for decades, and Chinese rare coins are some of the hottest on the market today! We have China coin collectors clamoring for your coins.

Our nationwide network of buyers and philosophy of razor-thin margins means we can offer you unbeatable prices for your Chinese rare coins collection!

Popularly Counterfeited Chinese Rare Coins

We’re interested in any Chinese rare coins you have, but it’s important to make sure the coins you have are genuine – authentication is important!

Many Chinese rare coins are counterfeit, especially turn-of-the-century China Silver Dollars. This is due to how popular they are to collect, and their high values.

Here are some examples of commonly-counterfeited Chinese rare coins:

You don’t need these in your foreign coin collection for us to be interested – we collect a wide variety of Chinese coins. The main thing is they need to be rare, in demand, in good condition, and (most of all) authentic!

Always Paying More For Your Chinese Rare Coins

How Do I Know if My Chinese Rare Coins are Authentic?

If you are unsure of whether your coins are authentic, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

In addition to free appraisals, American Rarities offers Free Coin Grading. Submit your coins to us and we’ll examine them for authenticity, there is absolutely no obligation to sell to us afterward!

Here are some of the coin grading services we are an authorized dealer for:

After we grade your Chinese rare coins for authenticity, we will grade and appraise them, As with grading, our  appraisal and offer service is free.

You can trust us for a top dollar offer to buy

Both grading and appraisals require years of practice to do properly – thankfully we’ve been in business grading and appraising Chinese rare coins for well over 30 years. As a result, we know a bit about what we’re doing! It also helps to have a motivated base of Chinese coin collectors!


As a result of our many decades of experience, we’ve established a reputation for excellence in numismatics – here are our credentials:

Don’t entrust your precious collection to some fly-by-night operation, or anonymous buyer on ebay! Go with American Rarities, your reputable foreign coin dealer.

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