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Looking for coin appraisers in your area? You’ve just found them. American Rarities has a rare coin appraiser near you. Best of all, the appraisals are free of charge.

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Why are we the best coin appraisers?

Three reasons:

  • Strong Reputation — We are well-respected in the numismatics community. Whether its our 5 Star Google Reviews, A+ Better Business Bureau rating, or lifetime membership in the American Numismatic Association, our reputation speaks for itself. 
  • Better Prices — We have a nationwide network of coin buyers, allowing us to buy coins at razor-thin margins, meaning we pay you more!
  • Wealth of Experience — Since 1990, we’ve bought and sold over $400 million worth of numismatic and bullion material. Needless to say, we know what we’re doing.

But we understand that you also want someone local. After all, you found us by googling “coin appraisers near me.” No worries: here’s a resource where you can read more about our coin buyer network.

Always Paying More For Your Rare Coins

Getting Your Coins Ready for Appraisal

These three tips will help you get ready for your coin collection appraisal:

1. Sort Your Coins

Sort your coins first based on factors such as type, year, condition, and mint marks before sending them in for appraisal. The coin appraiser will be able to determine the coins’ value more easily as a result.

Additionally, try to sort any coins according to their aesthetic appeal. This entails identifying any coins with holes, blemishes, or other imperfections and separating them from the other coins.

2. Get Your Coins Graded

Sorting your coins is easy enough. But another thing you have to do before the appraisal is separate the coins with no extra collector or bullion value from the genuine articles. This is easier said than done, which is why many turn to grading services and coin dealers.

American Rarities offers a coin grading service that’s completely free of charge. We’ll examine your rare coins, tell you their condition, and help you separate chaff from the coins with value.

3. Find a Reputable Coin Dealer

Okay, so you’ve gotten your coins sorted and graded. Now you’ve got to get them appraised.

But there are a lot of scammers out there. That’s why you gotta find a reputable coin dealer.

As mentioned earlier, American Rarities has an established reputation for competence and fair-dealing – you can trust us to handle your precious collection.

Get Your Coins Appraised Today!

American Rarities offers both written, and in-person appraisals free of charge.

Simply take a few pictures of your coin collection and send them to us via text, email, or our Appraisal Request Form. After that, we’ll get in touch with you and give you a preliminary appraisal in writing. If your collection is of especially high value, one of your collectors can arrange to meet with you in-person for a physical appraisal.

In either case, we’ll present you with a fair offer to purchase your entire collection outright. You are not required to accept this offer; feel free to consult our appraisers for pricing advice if you so choose!

To get started, simply email us, text us, or complete the handy form below. We look forward to showing you why we are the best coin appraisers around!

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