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You’ve put decades of work assembling the best coin collection, maybe thinking it would be something you’d pass onto your children and grandchildren. But times have changed. Your family members do not share your interest and passion for collecting rare coins. So now you are  looking for coin collection buyers.

But who do you turn to? There aren’t many local coin shops around anymore, and anyway, do you really want to spend your Saturdays driving around to show your valuable coin collection to some coin dealer who may not have the necessary knowledge to step up to the plate, and make a fair offer?  Our coin collection buyers have hundreds of years combined experience in the purchase of U.S. Coins, foreign coins, bullion and U.S. paper currency.

You also need a coin buyer who has the coin collecting clientele who are interested in owning your rare coin collection. We are not interested in cherry picking your best coins and leaving you with the rest. We will make you an offer in writing to purchase your entire collection, rare to common.

Always Paying More For Your Rare Coins

Three Reasons to Choose American Rarities Numismatic Company

Here are 3 reasons we’re some of the best coin collection buyers around: 

1. Online convenience with the personal touch of a local buyer
We primarily do business online, with a streamlined process designed to be easy and stress-free. However, for collections that warrant it,  one of our nationwide network of coin buyers can visit you at your home, office, or bank,  for a risk-free appraisal and offer.

2. Expertise
American Rarities has been in business since 1990, having made over $400 million in numismatic transactions. Needless to say, we know what we’re doing.

3. Integrity
We are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating. We’re also life members of the American Numismatic Association (#6360 ). Our reputation for fair-dealing as coin collection buyers is well-established.

Competitive Prices and no Cherry Picking

The knowledge we bring to the table as coin collection buyers allows us to pay more for your collection. Nobody, online or off, is going to beat our no nonsense hassle free offers. And rather than get your collection “cherry picked” by faceless users on ebay or, we’ll buy your entire collection at a fair, mutually agreed-upon price. This is both more economical and less time-consuming for you.

Simple and Easy Process

If you’re new to selling a coin collection, no worries. We make the entire process straight forward and , stress-free. We offer free coin grading on all coins submitted to us for sale. Our free appraisals are IRS-approved. Neither the grading nor appraisal comes with any obligation to sell.

Getting started is easy! Simply provide us information on your collection in the way of an inventory list or pictures of the items via email, text, or our Contact Us form. Once you do, you’ll quickly see why we’re some of the best coin collection buyers around! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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