Another Satisfied Client

  Dear Warren and Ryan:  From first moment to conclusion, it has been a PURE PLEASURE to deal with the fine gentlemen that you both PROVE to be ~ wishing only that we had met years ago.  Had that been my good fortune, we would ALL have prospered and I would be $350K to the good, having tragically lost every penny of my treasured precious metals collection to the outrageous criminal without conscience, Peter Cabral.  I have had the pleasure of encountering you late in the day ~ but…. HEAVEN WILLING, this shall prove just the beginning of a long and mutually rewarding relationship.  Later in the month, I shall either request the sale of my final remaining coins: 5 ST. GAUDIN’s MS63 1927 GOLD – or, I shall resume in purchasing a variety of precious metals FROM you on an ongoing basis.  Thank you for EVERYTHING, Helena