Our Buyers go the extra mile

My Buyer was Lee Block. I was selling a collection of 1898 dated coins that I’d put together for my grandfather, who was born in 1898. I started the collection in honor of his 100th birthday.  He died at age 105, a physician, surgeon and oil painter. Did his 1st art show in the SoHo district of New York at age 100.

Selling this collection meant a lot to me. I didn’t want to give it to just “anybody.” After talking with Lee on the phone, I knew he was the person to handle my coins. We met, had lunch and went over my collection and some “junk” box stuff I had. Lee bought it all, and at a fair price!

Will be keeping in touch with Lee for any future purchases. He made it very easy to meet and be comfortable selling my coins. I’m also in a wheelchair, so being able to meet and be comfortable was very important. Lee made arrangements that ensured my comfort

Thanks again!

– Robert Blum

Shelton, WA