Foreign Coin Buyers

Foreign Coin Buyers

Looking for foreign coin buyers? We’ve got you covered. American Rarities has made foreign coins one of its main areas of expertise for over 25 years.

Here are some of the credentials we’ve gained in our decades of experience:

If you’re looking for someone to take a look at your hard-earned foreign coin collection, you’re in the right place!

Who Buys Foreign Coins Near Me?

We have a nationwide network of foreign coin buyers and chances are there’s one in your area. If not, we’re happy to send one to meet with you at your home or business.

There, he can perform a free, on-the-spot appraisal and make you an offer to buy your foreign coins at a fair, mutually agreed-upon price. We don’t cherry pick either – our foreign coin buyers can buy your entire foreign coin collection outright, which is more fair to you.

Always Paying More For Your Foreign Coins

Why We’re the Best Place to Sell Foreign Coins

Lots of coin dealers simply don’t possess the experience to properly appraise foreign coins. This is why you’ll see large price disparities from one dealer to another – and why it’s important to choose a foreign coin dealer with experience.

We’ve been in business for 3 decades, and have spent most of that time focusing on foreign coins. When the combined experience of all our buyers is taken together, we have hundreds of years of experience dealing with foreign coins. We also have a strong following of foreign coin collections who are always hounding us for fresh coins to collect.

In other words, we’re one of the best foreign coin buyers around.

How to Get Started

Get a Free Appraisal for your foreign coin collection. Here's how to get started with our foreign coin buyers.
Foreign Coin Buyers

Here’s how to get started with our foreign coin buyers:

  1. Send us an inventory list or photos of your foreign coins collection via text, email, or the Contact Form below. 
  2. After that, one of our foreign coin buyers will reach out to you with a written initial appraisal (for special cases, however, we can send a buyer to meet with you directly). This appraisal is free, IRS-approved, and carries no obligation to sell. If you want, we’re happy to grade your coins for free, as well. 
  3. If you accept, we’ll insure your foreign coins for free. Once received by us, we make sure you’re paid ASAP.

And that’s it! As you can see, our process is simple and risk-free. So why not give us a try?

Fill out the Contact Form below to get started!

Free Appraisal for Your Foreign Coin Collection

Email, Text, or Use This Form To Send Us Your Inventory List or Pictures

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