Private Coin Buyers Near Me

The Numismatic hobby landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. This can make it hard to find private coin buyers near you.

When it comes to finding a reputable coin buyer these days you have two choices, both with their own issues:

  1. Find a local coin shop in your area
  2. Look online

Finding a local coin shop can be difficult because there simply aren’t that many coin shops around anymore (after all, that’s why you had to search “private coin buyers near me”).

Rather, having a coin dealer or coin shop on every other corner is a thing of the past. You may have to travel far and wide to find a coin buyer who is both knowledgeable, and has the coin collector clientele who want all the different types of coins that are in many collections that will allow them to make an offer favorable to you.

Going online may be more convenient, but then you’re dealing with faceless buyers on sites like ebay or Stack Bowers who may try to “cherry pick” the best rare coins out of your collection and leave you holding the rest.

There’s also the auction fees, which can be outrageously high (anywhere from 13% to 22%, depending on the site).

Thankfully, American Rarities avoids all of these problems.

Always Paying More For Your Rare Coins

We have Rare Coin Buyers Near You

American Rarities offers the best of both of these options with the downsides of neither. We’re an online buyer, but if your goal is “private coin buyers near me,” we also have a nationwide network of friendly and knowledgeable coin buyers in your area.

These buyers are ready to pay top dollar for your U.S. or foreign coins and can even travel to you for an on the spot (free) physical appraisal and offer!

We also:

In other words, we are knowledgeable and fair. We won’t cherry pick your collection, we’ll buy the whole of it outright, and at a price no other buyers can match, online or off. We also won’t charge the sort of fees you see on other sites.

Our Stress-Free Rare Coin Selling Process

Best of all, we offer a straightforward and stress-free selling process. Here’s how it works:

  • You provide us with your inventory information, (either a list and/or photos) via text, email, or the Contact Us form.
  • One of our knowledgeable coin buyers will respond with an initial, risk-free appraisal and offer to purchase, (if your coins first need grading, we offer that for free as well).
  • If your collection warrants it, a buyer from our nationwide network can come by your home, bank, or business for a second, on the spot physical appraisal and offer to buy at a competitive price.
  • If you accept the offer and sell to us, payment for your collection will be in your account the same day.

And that’s it! The entire process is simple, straightforward, and risk-free. We won’t hassle you to sell at any point, whether during the grading or appraisal. If you want “private coin buyers near me,” you’ll quickly see why we’re the best option!

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