Rare Coins Value List

If you have a coin you haven’t seen before, you naturally want to know if it’s rare or not, and how much it may be worth. If this describes you, you’ve come to the right place. American Rarities has been buying and selling rare coins for decades and we’ve put together this rare coins value list as a helpful resource.

How Valuable is My Rare Coin?

Here is a helpful list of some rare coins and what they’ve been selling for recently:

If you don’t think you have any of these coins in your collection, don’t worry. This rare coins value list isn’t the full extent of what we buy. If you want, you can submit your collection information to us for free grading and appraisal!

Coin Grading and Rare Coin Values Provided Free

The best way to find out if you’ve truly got a rare coin or not is to have it authenticated, graded, and appraised. By doing this you can find out whether or not it’s genuine (there’s a lot of fakes out there!), the condition/grade of your coin, and its overall liquid value.

You don’t want to go to just anyone to do this because it takes years to become proficient, and it’s too easy for an some coin dealer to throw out a low ball number because he/she is unfamiliar with your coins.

Lucky for you, American Rarities has been grading and appraising rare coins of all kinds for decades. When the cumulative experience of all of our rare coins experts is taken into account, we easily have  hundreds of years of combined experience.

We’re happy to examine your coins for free! All you need to do is submit photos, or an inventory list of your coin collection to us via text, email, or the submission form below! After that, we’ll respond quickly with our expert opinion and no-pressure offer to buy at a fair price (nobody beats the prices we offer).

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Personalized Rare Coin Values Provided Free

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