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If you’re considering selling gold coins, or just want to know your US gold coins value, you’ve come to the right place. American Rarities is buying all U.S. numismatic and silver and gold bullion material, including rare gold coins.

Our nationwide network of collectors is interested in all types of US gold coins. We can’t get enough US gold coins to satisfy the demand of our coin collector customers!

US Gold Coins Value Chart

Here is a list of some of the various US gold coins we buy, ranked by their relative melt values:

  • Buffalo $50 1 Oz (2006 – Date) 
  • Gold Eagle $50 1 Oz (2006 – Date) 
  • Saint-Gaudens $20 (1907 – 1923) 
  • Liberty Head $20 (1849 – 1907) 
  • First Spouse $10 ½ Oz (2007 – Date) 
  • Gold Eagle $25 ½ Oz (1986 – Date) 
  • Indian Head $10 (1907 – 1933) 
  • Liberty Head $10 (1838 – 1907) 
  • Gold Eagle $10 ¼ Oz (1986 – Date)
  • Modern Commemorative $5 (1982 – Date) 
  • Indian Head $5 (1908 – 1929) 
  • Liberty Head $5 (1839 – 1908) 
  • Indian Head $3 (1854 – 1889) 
  • Indian Head $2.50 (1908 – 1929) 
  • Liberty Head $2.50 (1840 – 1907) 
  • Gold Eagle $5 1/10 Oz (1986 – Date) 
  • Indian Head Type Two Gold Dollar (1854 – 1856) 
  • Indian Head Type Three Gold Dollar (1856 – 1889) 
  • Liberty Head Type One Gold Dollar (1849 – 1854) 

Of most interest to us are Liberty Head and Indian Head gold coins.

For information on current melt values, click here.

Why Sell US Gold Coins to Us?

When selling US gold coins it’s important to deal with a reputable buyer. who can pay according to your US gold coins’ value. Our reputation for integrity and fairness speaks for itself, as exemplified in our A+ BBB rating, and Five Star Google reviews, and American Numismatic Association life membership.

Our nationwide network of gold coin buyers allows us to consistently beat the competition in offering you the best prices for your US gold coins value.

As you can see, we are one of the most credible US gold coins buyers out today!

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One of the great things about doing business with American Rarities is we offer free appraisals. Simply take some photos of your US gold coins and send them in to us via text, email, or the Contact US form! We’ll promptly reach out with an appraisal of your US gold coins value!

These appraisals are risk-free and IRS-approved. There is no obligation to sell after the appraisal, so feel free to use us as a resource!

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