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Coin Dealer Near Me

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One of the number one searches on Google pertaining to rare coins is “coin dealer near me”. This is usually in regards to a coin collector or other interested party trying to find out the value of their coins. In this day and age it is usually not necessary to physically show one’s coins to a coin dealer to get an accurate assessment of value. The camera’s on most cell phones take pictures that are more than adequate for a competent rare coin dealer to properly identify and appraise. Coin collectors can simply email or text pictures of the coins they are interested in getting a Free Appraisal and Offer To Purchase.

How to take coin and paper money pictures
Best practices to take coin and paper money pictures are to…
Layout the items on a neutral colored surface. Group pictures are fine.
Light up the room, but do not use a flash or shine light on the items.
Hold your camera flat/horizontal over the items.
Hold camera far enough from the items so that it easily focus’ on them. You can zoom in to get closer.

So the next time you may come across a coin that you need to be identified and valued, instead of Googling “coin dealer near me’, look up American Rarities Rare Coin Company instead and get accurate answers without the fuss and muss of traveling to a local coin dealer.