Online Coins Buyer

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We are an online coins buyer dedicated to buying your rare coin collection for the highest price. We have expert appraisers ready to make an offer on your rare coins. In many cases our buyers are local to you and available for hands-on free appraisals.

Getting our appraisal and offer process started couldn’t be any easier – simply share your inventory list or snap photos of the collection. Email or text us the information. We’ll get back to you with an initial appraisal value and offer to purchase. Our online coins buyer experience is unprecedented!

No longer do you need to walk down to your local coin shop with thousands of dollars of rare coins in tow (not a good idea!), only for a single, biased dealer to sweet-talk you into getting less than your collection’s worth. The true benefit of dealing with a coin buying website is that you can get multiple appraisals from the convenience of your home with just an inventory list or a few photos.

Additionally, we routinely have a fully insured Mail-In Service for the sale of your valuable collection. Since we do this all the time, we can provide you with discounted or even free shipping. Of course, if a package ever gets lost, it’s fully insured for at least our initial appraisal amount. So there’s no risk to you.

The rise of coin buying websites has been a great boon to coin sellers and coin buyers alike, especially since it’s harder and harder to find a coin shop, even if you wanted to. American Rarities provides free appraisals every day. So why not get a fresh valuation on your hard-earned collection? We already know if we are going to buy your collection, we’ll have to step up to the plate and pay top price – this is borne out by our more than 30 years in business and an A+ rating by the BBB.

Let’s communicate! Email us, text us, call us, or use our online contact form. We look forward to your acquaintance and business.