Chinese Modern Coins

We buy all kinds of foreign coins here, and that includes Chinese modern coins. But rather than current Chinese coins in circulation, we’re looking for collectible China coins and coin sets issued by China. The market for these coins is very strong, and our buyers can’t get enough of them.

What Are Some Valuable Chinese Modern Coins?

These are some of the types of Chinese modern coins we purchase:

Keep in mind that these coins come in both business and proof strike varieties.We are especially interested in proof strike coins and sets.

Always Paying More For Your Chinese Modern Coins

Why Sell to Us?

We understand that you can sell your Chinese modern coins to anyone. So why us?

First, because we’ve been in business for over 3 decades. During that time, we’ve graded and appraised many foreign coins from around the world, including coins from China.

Second, because we have a strong reputation for excellence in numismatics. Some of our credentials speaking to this include:

Finally, unlike other sites offering to buy Chinese coins, many of which may try to haggle with you on individual items, we’ll appraise and buy your entire collection for a mutually agreed upon fair price! We promise you a smooth, stress free transaction.

We Offer Free Coin Grading with our Appraisals!

To find out what your Chinese modern coins collection is worth, you need to get it graded and appraised. Grading is to determine the coin’s condition, any marks or blemishes will reduce the value you may receive for your coins.

After that comes appraisal: what’s the coin’s overall value. This is based on overall market conditions.

We’ve been grading and appraising foreign coins for decades including coins from China. Best of all, we offer both of these services for free! There’s no obligation to sell to us, so feel free to use us as a resource!

If you have moden Chinese coins you may want to sell, simply fill out the appraisal form below! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Free Appraisal for Your Chinese Coins

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