Coin Dealers in New Jersey

Like other places in the country, finding reputable coin dealers in New Jersey is becoming harder. Those that still exist may be economically pressured. and unappreciative of the true numismatic value of your collection. After all, it is hard to be both knowledgeable of all the many different types of coins, both U.S. and foreign, as well as to have a market for everything.

Thankfully, American Rarities is your  solution. Our New Jersey coin dealers have hundreds of years of combined experience in any coins you may have to show us. In addition, We have coin buyers situated in the tristate area, including NJ, who are ready and willing to appraise and buy your entire rare coin collection.

Always Paying More For Your Rare Coins

Why Deal With Our Coin Dealer in New Jersey?

But why deal with us, you ask? Aren’t there plenty of online sources that you could turn to? Sure, there’s places like ebay or Stack Bowers. But aside from the outrageously high auction fees, (anywhere from 13 to 22% of the sale), and endless haggling over individual items, you’re also dealing with faceless and unknown people over the internet,who knows what could happen?

With over 30 years in business, coin dealer in New Jersey has an A+ BBB rating, and an American Numismatic Association lifetime membership (#6360), American Rarities’ reputation for fair-dealing and competence is well established. We’ll buy your collection outright, not piecemeal, and we’ll make you an offer that will be easily higher  than the competition. No other coin dealers in New Jersey (or anywhere else) can match our offers.

Another advantage to dealing with us if we offer a mix of the convenience of having a coin dealer who is local to you, as well as the convenience of our on-line coin appraisal service. As stated earlier, we have coin dealers in New Jersey who are ready to apprise your collection. This means that if we like your collection, we’ll send our coin dealer to  your home for an on-the-spot appraisal, and offer, free of charge. Other coin dealers in New Jersey aren’t going to do that.

Stress-Free Transactions

Getting started is easy. Contact us by text, email, or via our form below, and provide us with photos or an inventory list of your collection.  We’ll take it from there, providing you with an initial written Free Appraisal and Offer to purchase.

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