Junk Silver Buyers

piles of junk silver quarters and junk silver dimes

What Is Junk Silver

Junk silver coins are 90 percent silver coins that are traded for their bullion rather than numismatic value. Prominent examples of coins that junk silver buyers are after include:

  • 90% Silver Dimes
  • 90% Silver Quarters
  • 90% Silver Half Dollars
  • 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars
  • 35% Wartime Jefferson Nickels

Junk Silver Buyers

We at American Rarities are ready to buy any quantity of these silver coins you may have in your collection. Sell your Junk Silver Coins to the company that is going to pay you the most.  We offer free appraisals on all junk silver coins. We probably have one of our friendly buyers in your area, in which case circumstances permitting, we can meet you and even pay you on the spot. Best of all, unlike KITCO, MONEX, and others, we do not charge shipping, insurance, or other hidden fees. Making us  some of the best junk silver buyers around.

Always Paying More For Your Junk Silver

We buy 40% and 90% silver coins

Why We Like 90% Silver, 40% KHD, and 35% War Nickels

Here are some reasons we like these coins so much:

Ease of Identification
One of the biggest advantages these coins have with junk silver buyers is that they’re easy to identify. This familiarity means it’s less likely their value is disputed. That’s great if you value easy transactions and predictable prices.

Legal Tender
These coins are considered to be actual currency, meaning they cannot be confiscated, or demonetized, something much-prized by junk silver buyers.

Low Premiums
During periods of economic stability, these coins can often be acquired for little or no premium over the spot price of silver.

Junk silver buyers like that these can be easily spent or traded in small sums. This helps shore up its status as a means of exchange during times of inflation.

For those of you interested in taking a deeper dive into the intricacies of this subject, checkout our Junk Silver Information page.

We have Junk Silver Buyers in Your Area

We are ready to buy all the junk silver you have at a fair price. Contact us with your inventory list, or if you prefer, provide us with pictures of your silver coins, silver rounds, or silver bars. One of our expert 90 percent silver buyers will get back to you with a written offer that is payable immediately.

We look forward to proving to you why we’re the best junk silver buyers anywhere!

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