Rare Morgan Silver Dollar

Do you have a rare Morgan silver dollar? We at American Rarities are committed to paying top prices for these pieces of American history.

Morgan silver dollars were the first silver dollars minted in the United States after the Coinage Act of 1873. These coins are highly desired collectors items due to the fact that millions of them were melted down in 1918, leaving only half of the original mintage.

If you have a rare Morgan silver dollar, we’re happy to appraise it for free and offer you top value for it!

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What Are the Top Rarest Morgan Silver Dollars?

Here are the most valuable rare Morgan silver dollars:

If you don’t have any of these, don’t worry – we buy a large variety of Morgan silver dollars! For example, we’re also very interested in Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars.

How Do I Know If I Have a Rare Morgan Silver Dollar?

The best way to find that out is to get your coins graded. We’ve been grading all kinds of coins for decades, and can help you determine whether your Morgan Silver Dollar is genuine or not, as well as what condition it’s in.

After you get your rare Morgan silver dollar graded, it’s time to appraise it for its liquid market value. As with coin grading, our appraisals are also free.

Just send us some photos of your collection (via text, email, or our Contact Us form) and we’ll get back to you quickly with an appraisal and offer to buy at a competitive price (nobody beats our offers).

And don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure about selling – we know these coins can be sentimental! That’s why our free grading and appraisal services carry no obligation to sell, so feel free to use us as a resource!

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