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Do you have a U.S. silver dollar bag, or Morgan dollar bag, that you’re looking to sell? 90% Silver coins were originally shipped in these bags, usually in quantities of $1,000. Today they’re still sold in both $1,000 and $500 quantities. Our investors can’t get enough of these hot commodities!

How Much is a 90% Silver Dollar Bag Worth?

The silver coins shipped in these bags were 90 percent, and minted before 1964. These coins are somewhat misleadingly referred to as “junk silver” – this simply means they no longer have numismatic value.

However, their bullion value can still be quite high – here are some typical prices for 90% silver bags by weight:

QuantitySilver Spot per Troy OunceTotal Price Each
$500 Face Value$21.50$9,500
$1000 Face Value$21.50$19,000

If you don’t have a full or half silver dollar bag, don’t worry – it is still worth your while to come to us. We pay up-to-the-minute prices for junk silver in any quantities. If you have a bag of Morgan dollars, just provide our team of numismatic and bullion specialists some specifics and they’ll come back to you with a top-dollar offer.

Always Paying More For Your Silver Dollar Bag

Why Sell to Us?

Since our founding in 1990, American Rarities has built a reputation for excellence in numismatics and competitive prices.

From that time we’ve since gained:

In other words, if you’re looking for a reputable 90% silver coins buyer, you’re in the right place.

Free Appraisals!

We offer a seamless process for free appraisals. Just provide us a description of your silver dollar collection, along with some clear photos of the items, and we’ll do the rest. One of our staff members will reach out to you shortly with a free initial, written appraisal and offer to purchase.

In many cases one our reputable silver dollar buyers will even meet you personally at your home or business (we have appraisers in every state) for an in-person appraisal and offer to buy on-the-spot.

Reach out to us today to get started!

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