Most Expensive Coin Ever Sold

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High Relief Saint Gaudens

Looking to find the most expensive coin ever sold? It was the 1933 Double Eagle, for 18.9 million the second is 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, for 10 million. have you looked through your collection recently? You may just have one of those or another rare coin, call or email to schedule a free appraisal of your collection. Check out our page on rare coins and our grading services.

American Rarities buys all coins hyper rare and common, whether it is the most expensive coin ever sold or not, we are interested. Our process is made to make selling your coins an easy and straightforward process while still ensuring you get what you deserve when it comes time to cash in on this investment. We start with a phone call or an email connection, and you will provide a list of coins you are wanting to sell in your collection as well as photos. An appraiser, if possible, or buyer will come to you to get a hands on look at your collection and give you an offer, if you accept the offer the money will be in your account the same day.

You as a seller may look at the most expensive coin ever sold and be drawn to sell at auction or auction sites like or, we strongly advise against it as not only will you be paying auction fees but there is no guarantee that your coin will go for what it is truly worth, it is a gamble that more often then not falls through. That’s why here at American Rarities we ensure you get top dollar for your coins and coin collections, and it is a sure thing so that you don’t have to gamble away all your hard work to get the return on your investment you deserve.