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How To Sell An Inherited Coin Collection

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An often reality of rare coin collection is that they are frequently sold by family members and inheritors that are not collectors themselves, nor do they have any experience in the purchase and sale of rare coins. When one consults the internet on how to sell an inherited coin collection you find innumerable instances of advise with lengthy lists of things to do and information sources to consult. Most collections are assembled over decades. Let’s face it, the average person thrust into the situation of valuing and properly selling the usual varied and disparate collection is not in a position to do a good job of it. It takes years of study to learn the complexities of rare coin valuation.

The best way to see an inherited coin collection is to consult with one or more reputable coin dealers. There are more around than you may think. It is as simple as compiling and inventory list and or pictures and emailing or texting them to the dealer(s) of your choice.

American Rarities has been providing Free Appraisals and Offers to Purchase for more than thirty years. Even if your interest in more in knowing the value instead of selling, knowledge is power. Knowing the true value of your rare coins is valuable information.

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