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1943 Copper Penny.

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1943 Lincoln Steel Cent verses 1943 Lincoln Copper Cent. The 1943 Lincoln Copper cent is one of the most sought after coins that can be found in circulation. More than half a billion of the Lincoln Steel cents were struck in 1943. However a small fraction of that mintage were struck on the previously used copper or bronze planchets. The 1943 Copper Penny Value is generally in excess of $100,000 dollars. While the typical 1943-P, D, or S,  Lincoln Steel cent in circulated/used condition is worth under $1.00  A 1943 Lincoln Steel cent in uncirculated/new condition the coin is at best worth a few dollars. Obviously the 1943 Copper Penny is much rarer and magnitudes more valuable.

1943 Steel Penny Values

Date & MintCirculatedUncirculated
1943 Zinc$0.10$0.06$2.60$1.90
1943-D Zinc$0.13$0.09$3.50$2.40
1943-S Zinc$0.18$0.12$6.10$4.50

The most recent sale of a circulated/used 1943 Copper Cent was for $204,000.

Ways to tell if your coin is copper or steel.

Magnet Test
If the coin is attracted to a strong magnet then it is the steel variety. If the coin is not attracted to a magnet it may be the copper version.

Weight Test
1943 Lincoln Copper Cents weigh 3.11 grams
1943 Lincoln Steel Cents weigh 2.70 grams
Obviously we are working with tenths of a gram so your scale needs to be in calibration.

Official Authentication
The most expensive, time consuming test, accurate test is to submit the coin for authentication with one of the three main coin grading services, PCGS, NGC, and Anacs. For a small fee that will check your coin out and provide you with accurate results.