Rare Coin Collectors Near Me

“Where can I find rare coin collectors near me?,” you’re probably asking yourself.

They’re not always easy to find these days. With the retail apocalypse currently bearing down on local coin shops, you may find yourself spending your time on weekends looking for the few rare coin shops still in business, just to find an owner lacking the finances to offer you full value for your precious collection.

Meanwhile, you can go online but there are problems there as well. First, you’re dealing with anonymous buyers trying to lowball you and cherry pick your collection. There’s also the issue of scams (which have become such a problem the FBI is getting involved.)

Lucky for you, you’ve found American Rarities, the most trustworthy rare coins collectors around!

We Have Rare Coin Collectors in Your Area!

Looking for rare coin collectors near you? We have a nationwide network of rare coin buyers who are ready and willing to pay top dollar for your rare coins, whether they be variety or mint error, foreign coins, or U.S. coins of high value.

Our network spans all 50 states, meaning there’s likely a coin collector/coin buyer in your area. We can have a collector come to your home or place of business to provide in-person appraisals and top-dollar offers to buy your coins on the spot.

Our Coin Buyers Pay More For Your Rare Coins

Why We’re Different

It’s important to make sure whomever you’re selling to is reputable, so here are some quick facts about us:

American Rarities has been a reputable rare coins dealer since 1995, and has spent over $250 million purchasing rare coins. We have decades of experience and are an established name in numismatics, meaning you can trust us with your precious collection!

Free Coin Grading and Coin Appraisals

When dealing with rare coins you need to make sure they’re not counterfeit. That requires grading the coin. After that, you can have it appraised for its liquid value.

American Rarities has been grading and appraising all manner of rare coins since 1995, and we’re happy to offer both as free services to all who are interested.

Simply send us photos of your inventory and we’ll get back to you promptly with the coins’ grade and appraisal results, along with an offer to buy. You are under no obligation whatsoever to sell to us so feel free to use us as a pricing resource!

We look forward to your business!

Free Appraisal for Your Coins and Coin Collections

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