Silver Proof Set Values

Proof sets are current circulating coins that are specially struck in “proof condition” by the U.S. Mint for coin collectors. Because they’re relatively inexpensive, they’re an accessible way to get started in numismatics.

Silver proof set values can vary quite a bit depending on the set. Here’s a quick guide to some of the silver proof sets you may encounter and what their values are.

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What’s the Value of a Bicentennial Proof Set?

The 1976 Silver Proof Set was issued by the US Mint in 1976 to celebrate the 200 years since America’s founding. It contains the 1976 Eisenhower Dollar, 1976 Kennedy Half Dollar, and 1976 Washington Quarter. 1976 Silver Proof Set values vary  in price from $30 to $45.

What’s the Value of a 1992 Silver Proof Set?

Struck on the 200th anniversary of the US Mint, the 1992 Silver Proof set features the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Silver Roosevelt Dime, Silver Washington Quarter, and Silver Kennedy Half Dollar.

The USA Coin Book estimated value for a 1992 Silver Proof Set is around $35.

What’s the Value of a 1999 Silver Proof Set?

Put out by the San Francisco US Mint, the 1999 Silver Proof Set was released during the first year of the State Quarters program. Each set contains the five quarters for Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Georgia. Additional coins featured include the 1999 Kennedy Half Dollar, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, and Lincoln Cent, all of which are 90% Silver.

There are three different 1999 Silver Proof Set Values, depending on the set:

  • 9-Coin Set — $9.95
  • 5-Coin Quarter Set — $5.34
  • Silver 9-Coin Set — $92.80

The connection to the 50-State Quarters program is a big reason for the popularity of the 1999 Silver Proof Set. Our collectors can’t get enough of this beautiful set!

US Proof Set Values

What is My Silver Proof Set Worth?

The easiest way to find out your silver proof set values is to get them appraised by us. We’ve been appraising silver proof set values for decades and offer it as a completely free service.

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Our entire process is straight-forward and stress-free. There is no obligation to sell to us after we do the appraisal, so you can feel free to use us as a resource. Should you choose to sell to us, we will insure the full value of your collection so there is nothing to worry about. Once we receive your coins, we’ll pay you by company check, wire transfer, or ACH deposit.

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