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As numismatic collectors, we’re always trying to figure out the value of our coins. There’s such a dizzying variety out there, from foreign and rare coins to error and variety coins. It can be hard to know where to begin your coin value search.

Lucky for you, American Rarities is here to help. We’ve put together a guide that can help you on your coin value search.

Always Paying More For Your Rare Coins

The link above will take you to current liquid values-buy prices for your coins.

How to Know What Your Coin is Worth

Whether you’re a veteran coin collector, or just starting on your numismatic journey, it’s useful to practice determining rare coin values.

Here are three clues to help your coin value search:

  • Initial Mintage Number – how many coins were minted? The more that are currently circulating, the less valuable the coin will be.
  • Coin Grade – what condition is your coin in? Does it have any scratches or blemishes?
  • Demand – is your coin in high demand, and sought after by fellow rare coin collectors?

Coin grading is particularly important because it also includes authenticating the coins and being genuine or not. There are lots of counterfeit coins out there, so this is worth doing!

Grading is a skill that takes years to learn. American Rarities has been authenticating and grading coins for over 3 decades now and we’re happy to provide these services free of charge.

How to Get Your Coins Graded for Free

Getting your coins graded and appraised by us is simple – here’s how it works:

  1. Take pictures of your coins. Make sure the coins are centered in the frame, and the shots are not blurry. 
  2. Send the photos to us via text, email, or by uploading them on our submission form (below). 
  3. One of our knowledgeable coin appraisers will reach out to you with their written opinion. purchase.

After grading and appraising your coins, we’ll make you an written offer to buy your entire coin collection outright at a competitive price. You’re under no obligation during any part of the process to sell to us – so feel free to use us as a resource in your coin value search!

Free Appraisal for Your Coins and Coin Collections

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