Place That Buy Coins

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Today it can be difficult to find a place that buys coins that is both trustworthy and easy to work with. Mom and Pop coin shops are hard to come by and bigger places are sometimes hard to trust when it feels like you are just a number on a page. Here at American Rarities we strive to help you as an individual through the process of selling your coin collection. We want you to get top dollar for your hard earned collection and ensure you are comfortable every step, that makes us the best place that buys coins.

Our process is made to bring that Mom and Pop trustworthiness to an online availability and ability to serve anyone in the country, we ensure you understand the process and what is the next step, each step of the way. Initially we start with a phone call and email, where you will provide a list of all the coins you are interested in selling as well as some photos of them. We then schedule a time for a coins buyer or appraiser to come directly to you to get a hands on idea of your collection. This both gives us a better understanding of the true value of your collection and reassures you in our process with actually seeing and speaking with someone. At that point we will then make an offer on your collection, and if you accept, the money will be in your account the same day.

American rarities wants to ensure you get to a trustworthy place when you look for a place that buys coins, as many coin sellers as yourself may find themselves at auction sites like and We strongly advise against this as it is a gamble on whether you will get the true value of your coins in the first place as well as you have to pay auction fees just to sell your collection. We want to pay you the true value of your coins without having you jump through unnecessary hoops, and when you go looking for a place that buys coins, you think of American Rarities.