Best Place to Sell Rare Coins

Looking for the best place to sell rare coins? Look no further than American Rarities! We have a fair price for your rare coin collection.

Looking for the best place to sell rare coins? Look no further than American Rarities! We specialize in numismatics, paper currency, bullion material, and rare coins. If you’ve got a rare coin collection, we’ve got a fair price for you!

How do I sell my rare coins?

Why are we the best place to sell rare coins? Well, several reasons. First, we’ll offer to buy your entire collection for a mutually agreed upon price. So we remove the risk of an auction where you take a chance as to what you will receive.

Second, selling to us is also more economical and efficient than selling on ebay or, where you may have to sell each coin individually and at different prices each time.

Thirdly, if you sell on those auction sites you are taking some additional risks. For one thing, you’re dealing with anonymous people – who knows how trustworthy they are. American Rarities has been serving coin collectors for over 3 decades and is a Better Business Member with an A+ Rating. Without a doubt, we’re the best place to sell rare coins.

Our rare coin buyer can come to you

What’s more, we also have a more personal touch, if you have an extraordinary collection, our coin buyer will come to your place, (home or office) to physically appraise it for free, with payment offered on the spot.

Finally, we’re the best place to sell rare coins because with us you save money on a variety of potential transaction costs. With us there are

  • No Auction fees (13% to 22% of the sale on sites like ebay or
  • No Shipping fees (collections over $400)
  • No Appraisal fees
  • No Insurance fees


Always Paying More For Your Rare Coins

We cover all of these fees, meaning less money out of your pocket and more savings for you.

Getting started with us is easy and our process is simple. Here’s how it works:

  • Email or text us your inventory list or pictures of the items.
  • We’ll immediately acknowledge your appraisal request, and have one of our friendly and professional coin buyers make you an initial appraisal and offer in writing.
  • If we really like what we see, we’ll even arrange for our buyer to come to your house to transact the purchase. You can also use our fully insured Mail-In Service to sell your rare coins.
  • Upon our recept our your coins either in person or through the mail, payment is immediately made via cash, company check, ACH, or wire. It your choice!

If you’re interested in testing us out, let’s talk! Use the form below to contact us, or call our phone number. Once you do, you’ll quickly see why American Rarities is the best place to sell rare coins.

Free Appraisal for Your Coins and Coin Collections

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