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It’s been sad to see the long decline of mom-and-pop retail. From the internet to recent pandemic-era restrictions, Main Street has taken a beating, making it hard to find a Minnesota coin dealer near you.

Finding a brick-and-mortar Minnesota coin dealer can take all day. When you find one, the dealer might be having trouble making ends meet, making it difficult for him to offer you full and fair value for your prized collection. He might also simply lack the necessary experience or knowledge. After all, there are many different types of coins, from error and variety coins to junk silver coins to pattern coins.

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place – American Rarities is here to help. We have a Minnesota coin dealer local to you, ready to buy your collection at a fair, mutually agreed-upon price.

Always Paying More For Your Rare Coins

How Can I Find a Reputable Coin Dealer?

A good Minnesota coin dealer should have three things:

  • Substantial Experience — American Rarities has been in business for over 30 years. Since 1990, we’ve bought and sold over $400 million worth of numismatic and bullion material (as well as comic books).
  • Fair Prices —  Thanks to our extensive network of reputable and knowledgeable buyers, we can offer you a higher price for your well-earned collection than any other Minnesota coin dealer you’ll find.
  • Solid Reputation — Over our many years of doing business, we have always treated numismatic enthusiasts fairly. This can be seen in the 5 star Google reviews we have received, our A+ BBB rating,  and even our lifetime membership in the American Numismatic Association.

Additionally, a lot of online coin dealers impose astronomical costs for auction and appraisal fees. You won’t have to worry about this when working with American Rarities because we don’t charge transaction fees and we provide free appraisals.

Our Minnesota Coin Dealer

We have coin buyers all over the country, so you aren’t dealing with a faceless buyer. Here is a link to our Minnesota coin dealer, J. David Chase. He has years of experience pertaining to the purchase and sale of rare coins and bullion material. Whether you’re in Minneapolis, Rochester, Saint Paul, or elsewhere, he’s ready and able to do business with you.

Free Appraisals!

American Rarities offers free, no obligation appraisals that are IRS approved.
Minnesota Coin Dealer

American Rarities offers free, no-obligation appraisals that are IRS-approved.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send us pictures of your collection or a list of the items in it. You can do this using text messages, emails, or the Contact Us form.
  2. Our Minnesota coin dealer will provide you with a free written appraisal.
  3. For special collections, he can then visit you at your home or place of business for a second, on-the-spot appraisal and a no-obligation offer to buy at a mutually agreed-upon price.

We’ll give you the top dollar your collection deserves if you choose to sell to us. See you soon.

Free Appraisal for Your Coins and Coin Collections

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